Code of Public Contracts

The CCP follows a modern procurement model that constitutes a new dimension in the contractual relationships between private entities and the State. It lays down rules and procedures aimed at achieving a set of goals that are essential for a rational management of public expenditure.  

The objective of the CCP is to ensure award of contracts that are the best public procurement options, i.e. they guarantee the best products and services at the best price. 
One of the additional effects of the CCP is the promotion of transparency in the transactions of the contracting authorities. Achievement of that objective is aided by the mandatory use of electronic platforms for the procurement process and, once a contract is signed, the publication thereof in this portal. 
The procurement procedures were restructured: they are now electronic and standardised and are thus more agile and rapid.  
The rationalisation and control of expenditure, which are essential elements in ensuring quality of purchases and maintaining healthy competition in the market, are goals the CCP specifically focuses on.   
Truly innovative mechanisms were adopted – first and foremost, the electronic procurement process that places Portugal at the vanguard in Europe  
The CCP set up the Public Works Observatory and the information system for goods and service contracts; it is their job to monitor and assess the public procurement system. These are essential tools for perfecting options and promoting good practices.