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Accessory Sanctions

The final decisions on the application of the accessory sanctions provided for in Article 460 of the PCC are published on this Portal and remain here for the whole period of disqualification.

To date there are no records on accessory sanctions for publication.

Accreditation and Licensing

Managing and operating an electronic platform on national territory require a licence issued by IMPIC, I.P.

Therefore, anyone wishing to carry out this activity must submit an application to IMPIC, I.P. in advance.

The award of such a licence is subject to compliance with a number of requirements for admission to the activity established by the law. As such, the electronic platform concerned must:

Be accredited with the GNS (Gabinete Nacional de Segurança – National Security Office);

Have good commercial repute;

Have an amount of own capital equal to at least EUR 50,000; 

Hold a civil liability insurance, a financial guarantee or an equivalent instrument amounting to at least EUR 150,000 per year;

Submit a report issued by the company’s legal representatives, confirming that the electronic platform meets the operational and technical requirements. A specific form provided by IMPIC must be used for this purpose.


Licences shall be valid for 10 years.