The BASE Portal

The Portuguese Public Contracts Code (PCC) governs the mandatory procedures for the formation of public contracts (PCC, Part II) and lays down the rules for their performance (PCC, Part III).

The Code also provides for the creation of an Internet portal dedicated to public contracts, which shall gather all relevant information on public procurement.

The BASE Portal was established for that purpose and is now managed by the Instituto da Construção e do Imobiliário, InCI (Institute of Construction and Real Estate, InCI).

 What is the BASE?

It is the Public Procurement Portal.

It publishes information on all contracts concluded under the Public Contracts Code.

It also gives access to the information system that assesses and monitors public works procurement in Portugal: the Observatório das Obras Públicas (Public Works Observatory).

 What is the purpose of this Portal?

This Portal is a forum for dialogue with the stakeholders involved in public procurement and with citizens in general.

The databases linked to the portal are constantly updated with information from the Diário da República Eletrónico (the national electronic official journal), the electronic public procurement platforms and the contracting entities.

All that information is subsequently analysed and processed and will serve as a basis for the development of a wide range of studies and statistical analyses.

Part of that information is also published in the Portal.

As a reference forum in the area of public procurement, the Portal fulfils several functions:

a) it centralizes the most important data on public contracts that have been concluded;

b) it advertises, inter alia, the launch of calls for tenders and other procurement procedures, the conclusion of contracts, and any penalties imposed for breaches of the Public Contracts Code;

c) it disseminates technical contents and relevant legislation;

d) it brings the institutions closer to the citizens, by stimulating them to monitor and be acquainted with public spending.