The BASE’s information sources

The BASE Portal collects information on two stages of the procurement procedure: the formation and the performance of public contracts. This information comes from different entities and is transmitted to the Portal in "data blocks" at different times during the procedure.

The set of "data blocks" indicated below – for which the templates are annexed to Decree Orders Nos 701-A/2008, 701-E/2008 and 701-G/2008, all dated 29 July 2008 - include information on the progress of the whole procurement process, as well as on the performance of the resulting contracts, and must be entered into the Public Contracts Portal system within the deadlines established in Article 3 of the aforementioned Decree Order No 701-E/2008 and, particularly as regards the notification of contract amendments, in Article 315 of the Public Contracts Code.

The Imprensa Nacional - Casa da Moeda (INCM)

Whenever a notice on the opening of a procurement procedure is published in the Diário da República (the national official journal) , the INCM (the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office) sends the notice content to the Portal, thus initiating the registration of that procedure.

Information is updated on a daily basis. The following information comes from the INCM:

a) Orders and deliberations establishing procurement priorities under exceptional regimes, namely that provided for in Decree-Law No 34/2009 of 6 February 2009

b) Notices on the launch of procurement procedures and any subsequent notices

The electronic public procurement platforms

When conducting public procurement procedures on the electronic platforms, the contracting entities gradually build up an information base that is forwarded in data blocks to the Public Contracts Portal, at specific points of each procurement process.

Interconnection with the Portal takes place electronically and the following forms are transmitted:

a) Dispatch of Invitations Form

b) Opening of Applications Form

c) Opening of Solutions Form

d) Opening of Tenders Form

e) Qualifications of the Successful Tenderer Form

The contracting entities

The contracting entity interacts directly with the Public Contracts Portal, especially following the conclusion of a contract.

At this stage, the "data blocks" forwarded to the Portal vary according to the type of contract and the type of procedure chosen for its formation. They are designed to provide information on the key elements of the contracts and their performance:

a) Technical data block: for works contracts or public works concession contracts with a base value or contract value of over € 200,000, these data are included in the notice on the launch of the procurement procedure and can be updated in the Procurement Report and in the End of Works Report;

b) Procurement Report (for public works and public works concession contracts) and Report on Formation of Contract (for all other contracts): it is transmitted after the conclusion of the contract;

c) Annual Summary Report: for public works and public works concession contracts of over € 500,000 whose performance lasts more than one year;

d) Notification of Contract Amendments representing an aggregate value of over 15 % of the contract value - applicable to all public contracts;

e) End of Works Report (for public works and public works concession contracts) and Contract Performance Report (for all other contracts): they are transmitted after the completion of the contract.

For contracts concluded under the simplified direct award procedure or for procurement procedures excluded from the scope of Part II of the Public Contracts Code, the reporting obligation applies solely to the contract performance stage, i.e. to the data blocks referred to in points c), d) and e).