What we publicise

In order to promote a better knowledge of public procurement and foster transparency by disseminating the information transmitted to the Public Contracts Portal, the following information is made available to the public:

a) The formation and performance of public contracts covered by Part II of the PCC, excluding information on the performance of concession contracts, in accordance with Decree-Order No 85/2013 of 27 February 2013 amending Decree-Order No 701-F/2008 of 29 July 2008;

b) NOTICES on the opening of procurement procedures and subsequent notices, if any;

c) ORDERS AND DELIBRATIONS establishing procurement priorities under exceptional regimes, namely that provided for in Decree-Law No 34/2009 of 6 February 2009;

d) CONTRACTS concluded under direct award procedures (general regime), open procedures, restricted procedures, negotiation and competitive dialogue procedures;

e) CONTRACT AMENDMENTS amounting to more than 15 % of the contract value;

f) ACCESSORY SANCTIONS imposed under Article 460 of the Public Contracts Code.