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Accessory Sanctions

The final decisions on the application of the accessory sanctions provided for in Article 460 of the PCC are published on this Portal and remain here for the whole period of disqualification.

To date there are no records on accessory sanctions for publication.

What we publicise

In order to promote a better knowledge of public procurement and foster transparency by disseminating the information transmitted to the Public Contracts Portal, the following information is made available to the public:

a) The formation and performance of public contracts covered by Part II of the PCC, excluding information on the performance of concession contracts, in accordance with Decree-Order No 85/2013 of 27 February 2013 amending Decree-Order No 701-F/2008 of 29 July 2008;

b) NOTICES on the opening of procurement procedures and subsequent notices, if any;

c) ORDERS AND DELIBRATIONS establishing procurement priorities under exceptional regimes, namely that provided for in Decree-Law No 34/2009 of 6 February 2009;

d) CONTRACTS concluded under direct award procedures (general regime), open procedures, restricted procedures, negotiation and competitive dialogue procedures;

e) CONTRACT AMENDMENTS amounting to more than 15 % of the contract value;

f) ACCESSORY SANCTIONS imposed under Article 460 of the Public Contracts Code.