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Accessory Sanctions

The final decisions on the application of the accessory sanctions provided for in Article 460 of the PCC are published on this Portal and remain here for the whole period of disqualification.

To date there are no records on accessory sanctions for publication.

Contract Details 

Base publication date 27-11-2019
Contract Types Aquisição de serviços
Procedure Type Concurso público
Description Serviços especializados na área mobile - perfil Consultor
Fundamentation Artigo 22.º, n.º 1, alínea a) do Código dos Contratos Públicos
Justification for need to use direct procedure (if applicable) Não aplicável
Contracting Entity – Name, Corp. TAX No. SPMS- Serviços Partilhados do M. da Saúde, E.P.E. (509540716)
Contracted Entity - Name, Corp. TAX No. BABEL IBÉRICA, SA (507025229)
Contract object Serviços especializados na área mobile - perfil Consultor
Centralized Procedure -
CPV 72500000-0, Serviços relacionados com a informática
Date of signing of contract 07-11-2019
Contract Value 22.740,30 €
Term of Execution 53 dias
Place of Execution – Country, District, Municipality Portugal
Competitors BABEL IBERICA SA (507025229)
AltranPortugal, S.A. (504272179)
PDM&FC - Projecto, Desenvolvimento, Manutenção e Consultadoria (502980826)
Notices Notice Detail
Increases of more then 15% -
Documents 224_Contrato_20190327_ass.pdf
Observations -

Contract Execution

Closing date of the agreement -
Total effective price -
Execution time causes of changes -
Causes of changes contract value -